Summer Social – A Successful Event

On July 25, 2018 our West Suburban-Milwaukee Branch held its sixth consecutive Summer Social – formerly called the summer Garden Party.

From the first summer party in 2013 the main purpose of this event has been to welcome new and prospective members, to introduce them to AAUW and to the people and programs of our branch. Because the national organization has offered reduced dues to women who join at a special membership event, it’s an excellent time for women to join us. Our Vice President of Membership, Linda Polulach, said that 24 new members submitted applications following the 2018 Summer Social.

Over 60 members and guests attended the summer event at the home of member Lynn Sigler. The weather cooperated so that we were able to enjoy the early evening atmosphere in the Siglers’ spacious backyard. Refreshments were provided by members, who brought finger food appetizers and desserts. Guests also enjoyed wine and other assorted beverages.

A short program was held for the purpose of introducing new members and guests to the AAUW mission and the ways in which our branch implements that mission. Officers and chairwomen of the various interest groups were introduced and gave brief informative talks. New members were encouraged to get involved.

Linda Polulach has expressed her gratitude to all of the members who helped make the 2018 Summer Social a success. “Events like this provide an opportunity for our branch to share an informative overview of our activities, our involvement in the community, and how we reinforce the mission of supporting women and girls.  We all need reminders of why we are AAUW West Suburban-Milwaukee.”